P_Four provides a variety of construction management and contractor services. We manage, supervise, and advise on Engineering Issues either on new builds or small to large scale refurbishments on buildings, residences, retail, and offices.

Our Portfolio consists of boutique, 4* and 5* Star Hotels, New Builds, Total building renovations, apartment refurbishments, offices and retail places for Clients with diverse background from private homeowners to investors.

In order to be always in compliance with each project’s strict quality specifications and techniques P_Four uses cost forecasting techniques to deliver on time and within budget even for the most challenging Works.

We are committed to Sustainable Design and Development with knowledge of current techniques and technologies. Our goal is to keep our expertise up to date by providing the latest Green Building Applications on Home Renovations including Passive and Active Energy Saving Strategies.

The Construction Management starts even before the acquisition by providing to the potential client the flexibility and the ability to compile a business plan as close to the reality. Therefore, our Services are divided in 4 Phases:


  • Phase I: Initial Project
    1. Construction cost approximation for Investors
    2. Initial project studies and legalization plans for the Client
    3. Feasibility project study including scope definition, cost study and scheduling plan.
    4. Review and consultation with the Client
  • Phase II: Project Planning Design and Engineering / in collaboration with our Design team
    1. Collaboration with the architects and engineers
    2. Develop detailed project statement of Works
    3. Including the final scope, budget approximation, and project schedules
    4. Develop pre-design phase plans and specifications
    5. Obtain formal approvals of project design licenses
    6. Prepare construction contract documents including final plans and specifications
  • Phase III: Construction Phase
    1. Monitor all construction; attend regularly scheduled meetings; review and process any needed construction changes.
    2. Conduct in Daily basis the Project Supervision with our foreman and Site Engineers
    3. Prepare bid packages for building materials and furniture in conjunction with the Architects
    4. Conduct substantial completion inspection(s) and develop initial punch lists, conduct punch list and final inspections.
  • Phase V: Move-In Period
    1. Proceed to furnishing supply and fitting
    2. Coordinate electrical, water and Gas meter installation
    3. Assist units and departments with plans for occupancy of the new or renovated space