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In today’s competitive market, it is important to have a reputable real estate broker with a network of agents who also have superior communication skills that you can trust and rely on to guide you through the process of buying and selling real estate. We are committed to making our customers our first priority and we understand that buying and selling real estate could be one of the most important decisions of your life.

A P_Four agent combines market know-how with business innovation. We are passionate, creative, data-driven and understanding. Most importantly, we know that trust is gained through the delivery of results and that our success is determined by yours.

It all starts with our professional agents. Success is promoted through our unique pool of agent and tools, including our online platform

P_Four’s complete range of real estate services is tailored to deliver priceless value to our clients that cover the full spectrum of real estate market participants, ranging from investors, property owners and developers to landlords and tenants in all sort of industries, residential and commercial. Our multidisciplinary team has effectively proved its performance by providing promising opportunities and devising creative solutions to even the most complex residential and commercial real estate challenges. We do this by staying on top of emerging market and business trends, taking advantage of the knowledge gained from hands-on experience and utilising a huge network of high-level contacts.

Finding the perfect home, office or retail location is a multifaceted endeavour. Determining whether the space you currently occupy meets your near or long-term needs requires looking at the big picture, as well as a detailed analysis of the details. At P_Four, we try to understand your personal, business and financial goals, so that we limit the field to only those properties that will lead you to the maximum advantage, in order to achieve your goals more easily. Armed with decades of experience and knowledge of the latest market trends, we negotiate to reach lease agreements that serve you today and tomorrow.

  • Situation analysis and strategic planning
  • Identification of cost reduction opportunities
  • Relocation advice and guidance
  • Negotiation and closing
  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiation and renewal
  • Subleasing opportunity strategies
  • Economic analysis and reporting

From multi-level marketing campaigns for well-positioned, high-performance assets to new business models and low-cost strategic repositioning for under-performing assets, P4 provides professional services that allow owners to realize the highest value for their property or portfolio whether it is residential, office or retail. We lean on our deep understanding of current market trends, contact our established trustworthy network and take advantage of our innovative digital platform ( to expose our clients’ real estate or real estate portfolio to the tenants that will appreciate it more. And, with full knowledge of the competitive landscape, we negotiate lease terms that maximize asset value while protecting your interest and tenant retention.

  • Property and competitive market consulting
  • Expense analysis, budgeting and forecasting
  • Property positioning / repositioning
  • Tenant recommendations
  • Targeted digital marketing and direct canvassing
  • Broker – to – broker marketing

For individual, corporate and institutional investors, acquiring or disposing real estate or investment grade portfolios is an opportunity to promote immediate and long-term business and financial goals. At P_Four we create research-based strategies that focus on maximizing the uptrend of every transaction, from offices and homes to privately owned stores and raw land / plots. Each tailored strategy takes into account many variables, including our clients’ risk profiles and targets, as well as current and forecast market conditions. We develop detailed financial models and business plans (where applicable), conduct thorough due diligence to uncover conditions that may affect current and future value or return on assets, launch high-impact marketing campaigns, and skilfully negotiate for our clients from our knowledgeable position. Customers benefit from our established network of relationships, which provides us with access to off-market deals, as well as buyers who prefer discreet transactions.


  • Acquisition and disposal strategies
  • Placement / relocation of real estate
  • Competitive research and market analysis
  • Valuation analysis and financial modelling
  • Development of custom digital marketing materials
  • Targeted digital and direct marketing
  • Public relations
  • Transaction trading

Should you decide to sell or rent you home, P_Four provides a Broker Specialist to undertake this task. With its vast expertise and many years of experience in Real Estate Investments, covering all angles and aspects of the field, P_Four is in a unique position to offer Residential Owners specialised services.

By utilising our well-established, extensive network resources and having access to a large database of existing tenants and buyers we can more comfortably and accurately assist you in:

  • Renting your property short or long term
  • Preparing and marketing your home for Sale
  • Pricing your home correctly for either Rent or Sale
  • Making improvements/renovations to your home thus increasing its value and maximising rent or sale price

Our broker specialist can be more efficient than other agents, since he/she will have a better and deeper knowledge of your property having examined and researched it thoroughly or even already managing it, and therefore can identify the right tenant or buyer for your property.

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Extensive Market Expertise.

A track record of successfully matching byers and properties.

We hold a name that the real estate industry knows and trusts.

If you are considering putting your property on the market, we have a feeling of the number of buyers who are currently searching in your area. With our breakthrough technology and innovative website (, we can pinpoint these buyers to identify the ideal targets for your home.

 Your property will be professionally photographed and a 3d virtual tour will be made so that local and especially international buyers can get a better feel for and walkthrough of the property before they view it in person.

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At P_Four we strive to understand your business and financial goals so we can narrow the field to just properties that will position you to the greatest advantage in order to achieve your objectives more easily.