Colors Urban Hotel in Thessaloniki

Colors Urban Hotel in Thessaloniki

In a listed building which was designed by Hasid Fernandez and Jacques Pleyber in 1925 is located the fresh and contemporary Colors urban hotel of Thessaloniki.

The building has views both on Tsimiski and Agiou Mina streets. It has a three-parts facade with wide openings and pilasters, big interior height and a large central atrium. The unique architectural decorative elements, along with the plastering of the ceiling, had to be preserved and remain apparent. It was this requirement that led to visible mechanical installations throughout the building. Furthermore, the copper-coloured elevator and railings are a unique feature of the building.

The interior design of each room is unique. The furniture is made of metal and wood and it is tailor made for each room.

Dream Rooms do exactly what they promise, help you dream! Colourful, with their own character each, wonderful oases of coolness in the bustling city. Medium is the smallest of the family yet still larger than the typical hotel room. Quiet and cosy, perfect for business travellers or couples.

The design approach is a consequence of the need for the COLORS chain to develop and upgrade its modest and functional, strong colour contrast aesthetics, with emphasis on the functionality of all spaces and the differentiation of colours, materials and furniture per floor and room.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Graphic design elements that varies in each room!

Colors 221-10

Colors 221-9

Colors 221-1

Colors 221-4

Colors 221-5

Colors 221-6

Colors 221-7

Colors 221-8

Colors 221-13

Colors 221-12

Colors 221-11

Colors 221-2

Colors 222-1

Colors 222-2

Colors 222-3

Colors 222-4

Colors 222-5

Colors 222-6

Colors 222-7

Colors 222-8

Colors 222-9

Colors 222-10

Colors 222-11

Colors 225-1

Colors 225-2

Colors 225-3

Colors 225-4

Colors 225-5

Colors 225-6

Colors 225-7

Colors 225-8

Colors 225-9

Colors 225-10

Colors 225-11

Colors 225-12

Colors 225-13

Colors 226-1

Colors 226-2

Colors 226-3

Colors 226-4

Colors 226-5

Colors 226-6

Colors 226-7

Colors 226-8

Colors 226-9

Colors 227-1

Colors 227-2

Colors 227-3

Colors 227-4

Colors 227-5

Colors 227-6

Colors 227-7

Colors 227-8

Colors 227-9

Colors 227-10

Colors 227-11

Colors 227-12

Colors 227-13

Colors star dust-1

Colors star dust-2

Colors star dust-3

Colors star dust-4

Colors star dust-5

Colors star dust-6

Colors star dust-7

Colors star dust-8

Colors star dust-9

Colors star dust-10

Colors star dust-11

Colors star dust-12

Colors star dust-13

Colors star dust-14

Colors star dust-15